Future is organic

Welcome to Tulmul, where we bring the rich heritage of Jammu & Kashmir to your doorstep. As the “Heaven on Earth,” we aim to bring a piece of paradise to your life. Our products are sourced directly from local farmers, cutting out middlemen and ensuring the purity of the produce. Say goodbye to pesticides and harsh chemicals – our products are packed with nutrition, antioxidants, and unbeatable taste. Shop with Tulmul today and experience the best of Jammu & Kashmir.

Why choose us

Organic Products
Directly From Farmers
No Chemicals used
Premium quality produce
Government recognised

Our mission is to serve you and the environment, at the same time. Tulmul Enterprises is looking to achieve a harmonious balance between the environment, production and consumption.

Have you ever felt guilty about damaging the environment? Contributing to soil pollution and water pollution? Have you ever paid less but at the cost of your conscience? WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU FIGURE THAT OUT.

We intend to boost the farmer’s income while ensuring antioxidant and nutrient-rich products with a favourable fatty acid profile. Organic produce has negligible pesticide and chemical exposure, reducing soil and water pollution.

Products sourced by Tulmul are organic and contain no artificial colourants, preservatives, flavourings, etc. Our engagement with sustainability is evident not only in our products but also in our methods of working. We believe in reducing our ecological footprint to as little as possible