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Discover Tulmul Enterprises

Who are We

Tulmul Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a new-age agricultural export company headquartered in the picturesque region of Jammu, India. Established in 2023, we have emerged as a tech-savvy player in the global agricultural export market, specializing in the export of a wide range of high-quality agricultural products grown in the fertile lands of Jammu and its neighbouring regions

About us

Mother nature keeps giving without asking for anything in return, being a source of income for the farmers and clean and healthy products for the end-consumers. As we all know, Kashmir is known as the “heaven on Earth”, our aim is to get a piece of heaven to your home and lives. We, at Tulmul, want to bring the rich heritage of India to you.


growth of the primary sector without damaging the environment. We source organic harvest from the farmers directly and then take the produce to the workshop to make the end product in order to sell, supply and export. To make it simpler, more and more we move towards organic and natural products, the less burdened is the farmer to pump in chemicals and pesticides.


Our main aim is to increase employment and boost the local economy by bringing these high-yielding and organic products to you, by means of retail and export. We are a B2B as well as a B2C enterprise, wherein the customers can contact us directly to get the products or the manufacturers of end-products can partner with us in order to get the raw material in bulk

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve you and the environment, at the same time. Tulmul Enterprises is looking to achieve a harmonious balance between the environment, production and consumption.
Have you ever felt guilty about damaging the environment? Contributing to soil pollution and water pollution? Have you ever paid less but at the cost of your conscience?

We are intending to boost the farmer’s income, meanwhile ensuring antioxidant and nutrient rich products with a favorable fatty acid profile. Organic produce has negligible exposure to pesticides and chemicals, thereby reducing soil and water pollution.

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farmers associated


villages enriched


acres cultivated land

Our Journey: Cultivating Change, Celebrating Heritage

In the heartlands of Uttar Pradesh, amidst the whispering fields of sugarcane, a seed of transformation was sown. Three individuals, each driven by a unique passion and united by a common purpose, embarked on a journey to redefine the narrative of Indian agriculture and handicrafts.

One among them, returning after 16 years in the United States, felt the tug of nostalgia for his homeland. A visit to his family’s sugarcane farms revealed a harsh truth – the very essence of India’s agricultural legacy was being eroded by the rampant use of chemicals and fertilizers. Moved by this revelation, he resolved to initiate a change, championing the cause of organic farming and nurturing a vision of sustainable agriculture.

Alongside him stood a young entrepreneur from the verdant valleys of Jammu and Kashmir. Enchanted by India’s kaleidoscopic agricultural diversity, he recognized the untapped potential lying dormant within the country’s borders. Inspired by the notion that each state harbored its own agricultural masterpiece, he envisioned a platform where the nation’s finest produce could converge, free from the shackles of middlemen and exploitation.

Completing the trio was a fervent admirer of India’s rich tapestry of handicrafts. Captivated by the intricate craftsmanship that resonated through generations, he yearned to uplift the artisans whose skill and dedication often went unnoticed.


Driven by a desire to restore dignity and recognition to these unsung heroes, he pledged to create pathways for their artistry to flourish on a global stage.

United by their shared values and a fervent desire for change, these individuals came together to form Tulmul Enterprises Pvt Limited. Named after the serene region of Tulmul in Jammu, our company stands as a beacon of hope and possibility in the realm of agriculture and handicrafts.

At Tulmul Enterprises, we are more than mere exporters – we are custodians of tradition, stewards of sustainability, and champions of empowerment. Through our unwavering commitment to organic farming practices, transparent trade, and ethical partnerships with artisans, we seek to redefine the narrative of Indian exports.

Join us on our journey as we cultivate change, celebrate heritage, and sow the seeds of a brighter future for generations to come. Welcome to Tulmul Enterprises – where tradition meets innovation, and every product bears the mark of integrity, pride, and passion.